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Real Property - Tenants in Common

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I have had numerous opportunities to work with Tony Delas at Foothill Law Group regarding an ongoing situation affecting our family trust.  Tony has done an exceptional job explaining our legal options and making recommendations that were in our best interest, all without charging us exhorbitant legal fees.  Tony, having experience in industry before getting his law degree, takes a conservative approach when it comes to giving legal advice, which I really appreciate.

I highly recommend Tony for anyone looking for a no-nonsense, practical attorney that won't gouge his clients with high legal fees.

Dale W., San Jose, CA

Had really bad experience with "professional movers". Quoted price of 4k and when they showed up, they wanted 13k. Tony dropped what he was doing and came to my house. Kicked the shady movers out, so we could find new ones.

William S., Eagle, ID

Real Property - Tenants in Common

Tenants in Common

Two or more parties own (un)equal interests in the property. Each is free to sell his interest to anyone. This puts you in a position to end up owning the property with a total stranger unless you are able to buy out other tenant(s) in common. In case of death, probate must take place.